Frugal Ways to Reuse Cereal Bags

Don’t toss out those cereal bags. You paid enough for that cereal, so why not take advantage of the extra asset that is included with it–the plastic or waxed cereal bag that came with the cereal. Here are just some of the ways that you can reuse cereal bags. Please add yours in the comments section.

Additional storage

Those bags were made to keep cereal from going stale, so they are good with storage. Use them to store baked goods, sandwiches for school lunches, or even for broth. Cut the liners up and use them between food in the freezer to keep it from sticking, such as hamburgers. Slip a pie into a bag, and you have an easy way to keep it fresh!

In Cooking and Food Prep

Use a cereal bag to help you coat chicken in breadcrumbs or even cereal crumbs–sort of a home made Shake & Bake. You can also use a cereal bag as a cutting board when you have a small amount to chop, so you don’t have to dirty the real cutting board. Split the bag open and use it on your counter to keep it clean as you roll out cookie dough. You can also use one to roll up the cookie dough into an easy to slice log. Use a liner to cook home made chocolate covered pretzels. Crush cookie crumbs or nuts by placing them first in the bag and then using your rolling pin. Use a cereal liner to push down the rice krispie treats into the pan.

Around the Home

You can also use them to collect trash in the car or dirty diapers in the diaper bag. Place a cereal liner in each of the drawers in your refrigerator to catch drips and spills.

Now it is your turn!

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