Frustration is one of those kinds of things that build up and up. The more you try and keep it inside and press it down, the more it tends to want to spill out. The results are that it starts to affect all your thoughts, reactions and actions.

The other week I watched a guy become frustrated while playing a sport. He initially muffed a couple of shots. In the end, he became so frustrated that he couldn’t do a thing right. He was messing up even simple shots. It happens to me too. When I let frustration take over, then it affects everything I do and how I react to issues. I’d suggest that’s pretty well the same for all of us.

‘What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us, Ralph Waldo Emerson said. That is true of frustration. Frustration colors the way we look at ourselves and the way we look at others. We start to see all the things that are wrong and turn a blind eye or not see the things that are right. Frustration causes us to only ever look for the negative in a person and in a situation.

Frustration in a marriage can have a detrimental effect. If something is wrong in your marriage it is no good letting it simmer and suffering in silence, hoping it will change. What will happen is that you will become more frustrated, until finally it will erupt and burst out and you’ve got an even bigger problem on your hands. Frustration needs to be dealt with long before it gets to this stage.

Frustration can lead to all sorts of health issues, like ulcers, migraines etc, and other stress related problems. Again, this can have a negative effect on your marriage.

Instead of allowing it to get to this stage, you need to make a time to talk to your spouse about the problem.

Join me tomorrow for more thoughts on this subject.

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