Fun and Free Things to Do on a Saturday

I don’t know about you, but Saturdays always seem to be a day where we spend. Whether it is some activity that costs money, eating a meal out or shopping for something, the money seems to fly out of the budget.

But there are plenty of fun things to do without spending a dime. Here are some ideas.

Take a walk outside. Go on a nature hike and collect pine cones, interesting rocks and maybe even spot some wildlife. If you live in the city, take advantage of the great historical spots and architecture.
Cook with the kids. Experiment and have fun. Try your hand at making banana pancakes, homemade omelets, hamburgers, pasta, individual pizzas, etc. Your kids may learn a few things, and so may you.

Explore the things you already have. Do you have a stack of CDs that you haven’t listened to in a while? What about that pile of books that you have been meaning to read? Take an hour to let everyone in the house do whatever quiet activity they would like to do. Then regroup as a family.

Have a romantic evening after the kids are in bed. Instead of rushing around, just take some time to have your own date night at home. Who knows where it might lead.

Do some puzzles or play a board game. You’ll get to know each other better and have some great conversations.

If you just can’t break away from shopping, try exploring a thrift store for treasures.

Have a costume picnic. Each member of the family retreats to their room to concoct a costume. The funnier and weirder the better. Then everyone gathers back together for a frugal picnic on the living room floor.

Volunteer! Read story books at a children’s hospital. Take care of animals at a local shelter, etc. It will get you out of the house and you will be doing a lot of good.

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