Fun App: Bingzy Bee

Product: ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics

Format: App for the iPhone or iPad

By: Bing Note

Use: To teach children the alphabet and phonics through an original song.

Cost: Free

App Description:

ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics is the first animated app that teaches the alphabet and letter sounds through song.


Features Bingzy’s ABC Song.

Perfect for PreK and K.

Available on the iPhone & iPod.

Developed by a group of award-winning teachers & used in the classroom for numerous years with proven success.

Song is taught in 4 sections, with a game after each section to reinforce what the child learned. Or, the entire song can be played at one time.

Sounds are pronounced by a professionally trained teacher.

ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics is an essential step for beginning reading. Stay tuned for more in the series.

Learning and Game Play

When you click on the app you are given four choices: Play Bingzy’s ABC Song, Play Song and Games, Play letter Drag and Drop, or Play Bingzy to the Rescue

Play Bingzy’s ABC Song: Your child will enjoy a catchy song that teaches the letter and the letter sound through animation. Each letter is associated with an animal which helps a child associate the letter visually.

Play Song and Games: The child will enjoy listening to the Bingzy Bee song. However, this time after a series of letters the song stops so the child can drag and drop letters to the correct animal word.

Play Letter Drag and Drop: The child drags the letter to the correct animal word. The game is the same as in Play Song and Games but there is no song.

Play Bingzy to the Rescue: An adorable game where the child must drag the animal to a helicopter rescue. The child must drag the animals in alphabetical order.

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