Fun Fall Games With Pumpkins

Fall is coming and with it the pumpkin harvest. So here are a few fun games that you can play using pumpkins. They are best played outside, especially if a pumpkin happens to crack. Each game uses pumpkins of course and items like baskets or hula-hoops. All of the games can be played by children of all ages, although for some of the games you might want to separate into younger and older children and have two races.

Pumpkin Seed Toss
Place some baskets at different distances. Assign each basket a number score on a piece of paper and attach it to the basket. Give each child some pumpkin seeds. Have them toss their seeds into the baskets. For each seed they get in a basket they receive points. The child with the most points wins the game.

Pumpkin Race
Give each child a medium-sized pumpkin. Line the children up. Place a pumpkin in front of each players feet and have them shuffle forward moving the pumpkin to a predetermined finish line. Make sure that children understand they can’t kick the pumpkin. The first child to cross the finish line with their pumpkin is the winner.

Pumpkin Rolling Contest
Each child will need a medium to large pumpkin (light enough for a child to lift the pumpkin themselves). Line the children up and have them turn their pumpkin on its side. Then the children roll their pumpkins to the finish line. If the pumpkin falls over they must turn it to its side and continue rolling. The first pumpkin to cross the line wins.

Pumpkin Ring Toss
You will need 2 large pumpkins with their stems, 6-8 embroidery hoops, or 6-8 hula-hoops. Each child will have a chance to throw the hoops over the pumpkin. Give older children the embroidery hoops and have them toss them over the stems. Younger children can use the hula-hoops and try to ring the entire pumpkin.

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