Fun Find: The Oringial Ba

Most new inventions that relate to children that make lives easier and give you that “I should have thought of that!” feeling are created by moms. Moms know exactly what challenges are out there and often come up with the most resourceful solutions. However, in this case, Ba, was invented by a group of dads. Yay! One for the dads! So anyone who thinks dads do not see the challenges and struggles of motherhood can think again.

What is Ba?

Ba is a helping hand. Ba is a silicone bottle holder that is designed to give baby the ability to hold her own bottle. The Ba comes in pink, blue, and green. You slip the bottle through the Ba making it easy for tiny hands to hold. It is simple to use, easy to wash, and provides baby a less frustrating feeding time. The design promotes hand-eye coordination and allows the baby to bring the bottle easily to her mouth. Recommended age is three months and up.

Why the Ba?

I know, I know, many are wondering why not just spend the time feeding your baby. Well, let’s face it; there are those for whatever reason still prop bottles. Some have twins, triplets, and multiple children to care for at the same time. Moms do not have eight hands. It would be nice but it simply is not the case. I never advocate giving up the responsibility or joy of feeding your infant. The product is not designed with that purpose in mind either. The product is designed to assist moms, caregivers, and babies during feeding times. Many babies are anxious to hold their own bottle and end up frustrated when they are unable to achieve it. Sometimes feeding time comes while in the car, during a time another child is in need, or when both twins and all three triplets are hungry at once. The product has its applications that make it a great product for any new mom.

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