Fun Ideas for Family Night

Family nights are an important part of childhood. With our busy schedules, many families find less and less time to spend together. It is important to make time for your family, so plan something fun to do with everyone a couple of times a month. You will be surprised at how quickly your kids will build memories from these family nights.

Game Night
– This is always a fun time for all members in the family. Either try out a new game or simply find a few family favorites, make up some pizza or subs and have a fun family time playing some different games. Look for games that provide plenty of interaction. Family time has never been so much fun.

Camping Indoors – We’ve done this a time or two. It requires rearranging a room in your home, but create a fun tent made out of sheets and blankets. Sit around and tell stories (or better yet combine it with the first suggestion and play games), make indoor s’mores (the toaster works perfect for this) and spend quality time together.

Cooking Night – Choose a few things to bake up one night. Maybe a few different kinds of cookies or some brownies or a cake you can all decorate together. Cupcakes are great because each person can decorate a few themselves. Buy sprinkles and icing to decorate and have a blast concocting beautiful creations. You could also do a family created dinner where each family member creates something that is part of the meal. It will keep you in the kitchen together, you will eat together and if you assigned someone a dessert, it will allow you to spend that extra time perhaps enjoying a dessert and a movie.

There are so many fun things you can do to celebrate family time. Check out the fun blog for more, and keep watching as new ideas come regularly.

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