Fun in the Sun

Its spring and toddlers are out in the yard again. It is the time for sand boxes, plastic lawn mowers that resemble those their parents use and all kinds of fun activities in the sun. The sun, however, poses a major threat to toddlers.

Even on cool or overcast days when the sun isn’t shining bright or heating everything to feel warm to the touch, it can still cause sunburn to the sensitive skin of toddlers. It is very important to use sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply according to the instructions on the bottle. It does wear off and your toddler could still get sunburn if the sunscreen isn’t reapplied often.

Fun in the sun also poses some other threats to toddlers. Here are some spring time safety tips for when your toddler is out playing in the sun:

*As we mentioned, use sunscreen. Read up on the level of protection each offers and also whether it is waterproof. If you child will be playing in the water, go with a waterproof sunscreen that won’t have to be reapplied as often.

*Keep a watch for briar’s, cacti and other plants and bushes that may stick your toddler with prickly leaves or vines.

*Watch for bees and wasps. If your child has a swing set or play house outdoors, check it for wasp nests, spiders and other insects before allowing your child to play on it.

*If you live in a wooded area or go camping or fishing, you’ll need to take extra precaution for ticks and other insects. Use a bug repellent spray.

*Fleas and ants are also going to become a problem for some of us this spring. We will have to keep a close eye on toddlers as they play in the sand and in the grass, whether in our own back yard or elsewhere.

Whether at home or away, kids always have fun in the sun! Welcome spring time!

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