Fun Springtime Activities

Ahh the birds are chirping, the air is beginning to get warmer and the sun is shining brightly. I live in a cold climate area, and while we enjoy many outdoor winter activities, I am always relieved when the tulips poke through the chilled soil and we hear the first Robin song.

My children and I love to shake the dust off after a long winter, get back outside and have fun together. Since I am budget conscious, the majority of the activities we do together as a family are little or no cost outings. Try one or more of the following suggested activities with your family:

1. Plant a garden-This is our favorite thing to do in the spring. My boys love to get dirty in the freshly tilled garden. One year they wanted to dig for treasure so I threw a few coins and other treasure chest type items in while they were not looking. Go to a local Farmers market of gardening center to pick out seed or plants. Let the kids pick out vegetable or fruit plants that appeal to them, and produce something that has even a slight chance of being eaten. The activity can go on for months as the children help weed, water, harvest, clean and finally taste the fruits of their labor. If eating what you grow does not appeal to you, then try helping the kids plant some colorful flowers. They might even end up in a hand picked bouquet for you by summers end.

2. If you don’t have a yard or space is an issue, you might try a windowsill garden. Look here for some neat ideas for theme gardens

3. Kite flying is a fairly inexpensive activity and if you are especially ambitious you can try making your own kite .But if you are not crafty by nature, like myself, then sticking with a store bought kite will do.

4. Take a Nature Hike at your local park. Look for the buds or possible flowers beginning to bloom, listen for birds or insects and enjoy nature.

5. Try the all American game of baseball, but look for a Minor League baseball team in your area. The games are just as exciting as the major leagues, without the major league cost.

6. Let them jump in the mud puddles-don’t worry it really will clean off the clothes and they can wear an old pair of shoes.

7. Visit a school open house. Spring is typically the time when many schools are focusing on re-enrollment for the next school year and hold open houses. We went to one last week for a private school and they had a desert tasting, as well as hands on science experiments for the kids. While this type of open house might not happen with most schools, it sure was a lot of fun for us.

8. Go to the park and play a game of kickball, baseball, football or any other type of ball. I am the all time pitcher, or quarterback depending on the game, which makes it less strenuous on my extremely out of shape body.

Whatever you do, decide to have fun. Life as a single parent family can be so stressful at times, and it is good for us to get out and have some fun as a family.

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