Fun Things About Being Pregnant

Being pregnant can actually be a lot of fun, if you think about it. Here are some of the things that make pregnancy a fun and enjoyable time. Feel free to read over this list on those days when you are sick of feeling sick, tired of feeling tired, and just plain aggravated at the world and at the amount of swelling in your ankles.

One very fun and exciting thing is that you get to choose a name for your baby. There are endless possibilities, and it can be a lot of fun to look for ideas and play around with different name combinations until you find the one that seems just right. Once you have a name picked out, you can talk to your little one while he or she is still in your belly. Baby can hear you, and is growing accustomed to the sound of your voice.

Another fun thing is shopping for those little baby clothes and other items that baby will need. There is no need to go overboard or spend a ton of money. Even window shopping or picking up just a couple of little tiny outfits can be very exciting. Shopping for baby really gets you thinking about that little person that you will soon meet, the one who is going to look so ridiculously adorable in those tiny clothes that you just bought.

A third fun and interesting thing about being pregnant is the sheer amazingness of what is going on inside your body. A tiny little person is growing and developing bit by bit. That tiny little person will eventually develop enough so that they can live outside of your body and you will then be able to watch and experience even more amazing growth and development as it happens.

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