Fun Things for Your Child’s Easter Basket

Children look forward to fun things in their Easter baskets every year. I remember running downstairs on Easter morning to see what my mom put in my Easter basket. I always knew it was my mom. I never believed in the Easter bunny and quite frankly I find the idea of a giant bunny coming in my house disturbing. So, that was one fantasy I was happy was not true. Santa on the other hand, well, for some reason he appealed more to me. Perhaps because he was human and not a giant furry creature. At any rate, I did enjoy an Easter basket filled with goodies. My mom still loves to put Easter baskets together for my kids. Every year she asks me for some ideas other than large chocolate bunnies and eggs filled with candy. So, here are some ideas for an Easter basket that is low on the sugar and still high on fun.

Items for a Preschooler’s Easter Basket

Play Doh


Coloring books

Markers and other art supplies

Hot wheels

Polly Pockets

Card Games for kids such as Crazy Eights, Go Fish, etc.


Hair accessories

Mini Nerf balls

Reader Books



Small set of Legos or Mega Bloks

Veggie Tales Dvds

Small Child’s New Testament Bible

I cannot say that candy never makes its way into an Easter basket. Every child loves to open plastic eggs full of candy. If you want to cut down on the candy then fill the eggs with stickers, play jewelry, toy cars, army men, small animal toys, etc. However, putting in a little candy is fun. I normally give my kids one treat each. I also will get creative with baskets and put items in fun storage boxes or a pair of rain boots. So get creative and have fun!