Fun Ways to Add Love to Lunch Boxes

This is my daughter’s first year eating lunch at school. Needless to say it has been a major adjustment for both of us, namely because she thinks I am a short order cook and doesn’t understand why I am not willing to fill her lunch box with freshly baked pizza, ice-cold fruit salad and undisturbed seven-layer chocolate cake on a daily basis… in a single insulated Toy Story 3 lunch box.

There’s no way I can fulfill her lunch fantasy every day, but I can show her how much I love and miss her by adding simple surprises in her box, such as:

*Origami fortune cookies filled with my own quotes and funny messages.

*Use a cookie cutter to make dinosaur and dog shaped sandwiches.

*Sneak in leftover postcards from some of the fun places we visited this summer.

*Send crazy-shaped straws for her to drink her beverage with.

*Add a bunch of silly stickers to the bags that hold her snacks and sandwich.

*Wrap Silly Bandz around her thermos or the dessert container.

*Draw silly scenes on a napkin and place it under the snack bags.

*Add a countdown to Halloween or Christmas in the box.

*Stick Post-Its in different parts of the lunch box with riddles or jokes that can be shared with her classmates.

*Add a paper doily to the lunch box so she can use it as a fancy placemat of sorts.

*Stick in a few seashells from a recent beach trip so she can show her friends.

*Use leftover or scrap wrapping paper from Christmas or birthdays and wrap-up the lunch items.

*Cut out photos of her favorite things from magazines or newspapers.

*Add paper dolls to the lunch box. If you have a boy you could add in a pack of baseball cards.

*Write a poem expressing love and tape it to the inside flap of the lunch box.

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