Fun With Morse Code

Morse code has a very interesting history, in many ways this simple code led to modern day communications. In Morse code, the letters of the alphabet are represented by dots and dashes. It’s also one of the few codes that can be communicated by light or sound. It can even be done with flags (a flag to the left is a dash, to the right it represents a dot. It’s fun thing to know, but it’s also saved a lot of lives. Morse code was what telegraph operators used. It’s still used on ships and in other emergency situations where normal communications aren’t working. Most of us have seen the SOS code used in movies.

This Boys’ Life Morse Code Trainer from the Boy Scouts of America is a fun way to learn and practice your Morse Code skills. For Test One you listen a stream of code and guess what letter, number, or punctuation mark is being used. For Test Two the letter is provided and you tap out the code by clicking on a transmitter button. A short click is a dot, hold the click to get a dash. If you don’t know anything about Morse Code, these tests won’t help you much. It can be a fun way to study though if you print out the code and practice with the test. From the Code Trainer site you can also just click on a letter and the site will provide you with the correct code.

You can also print out the code and use it to write each other notes. Kids love to decipher codes and secret messages. I’m going to try it this week with a scavenger hunt to get my own children interesting in learning a bit more about Morse code.

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