Funny Things Kids Do and Say

Kids are always doing and saying things that strike me funny. Here are some of my favorite kid moments.

When my son was nine months old my sister left him and his cousin, four months older, with our husbands while we went out. While we were gone my husband and brother-in-law heard squeals of delight coming from the bathroom. They found the two boys standing around the toilet, moving the plunger up and down. Our husbands didn’t even take off their clothes or wash their hands.

The month my son turned one we were eating dinner at my parent’s house. My son grunted so my husband grunted back. They exchanged grunts until my son’s face was bright red from trying to grunt so hard and loud.

When my youngest was born my son came to visit me in the hospital. He marched up the nurse’s desk and said, “We came to see my mommy. Where is she?” When the nurse’s asked my name he replied, “Mommy and Teresa.” Luckily grandma was there to add the last name.

Kids have the best imaginations. Alysta was eating a sandwich, after a few bites she told me, “It’s a horse. Neigh.” Then after a few more bites she said, “Now it’s a cow. Moo.”

When my youngest daughter was a few months old my son asked me, “Is Kelsey going to grow up to be a girl?” I told him she already was a girl. He said, “Oh man! I wanted her to be a boy. That means we’re going to have (he thinks for a moment) three mommies and only two daddies. We need to have another boy baby.”

For a while whenever I asked Alysta a question she would put her finger on her chin, say, “Hmmm,” and look like she was concentrating very hard before answering.

Whenever Kelsey gets in trouble or doesn’t want to be seen she closes her eyes. If she can’t see my I can’t see her. One time she was trying to escape out the door while we were at church. She got down on her tummy and did an army crawl, hoping if she was low enough I wouldn’t see her.

When I told my son, then five that my brother and sister-in-law were going to have a baby he cried, “Oh man!” and fell to the floor. He was upset because he thought his little sisters would want to bring the baby home and he did not want another baby. He felt better after I explained that the baby would stay with Uncle Brian and Aunt Stephanie.

My sister hates spiders. So when she saw a spider on the floor she asked her six-year-old son to kill it. He told her he wasn’t going to kill that spider. So her four-year-old daughter said, “Fine. I’ll do it,” and she did.

At school my son’s first grade class was talking about the jobs that their parents had. My son’s comment was, “My mom doesn’t work. She just stays home.”

We were at the park and my two-year-old Kelsey was chasing the geese. When she noticed a feather on the ground. She stopped, picked it up, and began chasing the geese again. This time she was trying to give them back the feather.

What funny things have your kids done or said?

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Teresa McEntire grew up in Utah the oldest of four children. She currently lives in Kuna, Idaho, near Boise. She and her husband Gene have been married for almost ten years. She has three children Tyler, age six, Alysta, four, and Kelsey, two. She is a stay-at-home mom who loves to scrapbook, read, and of course write. Spending time with her family, including extended family, is a priority. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and currently works with the young women. Teresa has a degree in Elementary Education from Utah State University and taught 6th grade before her son was born. She also ran an own in-home daycare for three years. She currently writes educational materials as well as blogs for Although her formal education consisted of a variety of child development classes she has found that nothing teaches you better than the real thing. She is constantly learning as her children grow and enjoys sharing that knowledge with her readers.