Gaining Inspriation from Favorite Blogs

As scrapbookers, we are always looking for inspiration to keep us going. Not only are we looking for scrapbook inspiration, but also inspiration for life. I’m always looking for ideas and thoughts that keep me ticking and give me something to really think about.

Today I would like to share a few of my favorite scrapbooking blogs from scrapbook artists who inspire me and fill me with not only great scrapbooking ideas, but ideas that can be applied to life.

Stacy Julian – First of all, if you haven’t yet read her book, The Big Picture, you need to do it right away. You can read an earlier blog about why I love this book so much. Stacy’s blog is written in such a nice conversational voice, you almost feel like you have spent real time with her. She shares wonderful ideas about scrapbooking, things that inspire her and simple events from her daily life.

Heidi Swapp – This is one lady with a lot of energy. I can’t help but feel a bit more energized after reading her blog. She mainly shares things from her family life as well as share layouts and scrapbook ideas.

Rhonna Farrer – This blogs has such a friendly feeling. Rhonna share things about her life, her products, and even has contests. I love her style and this really does give me inspiration.

Cathy Zielske – She writes in a very fun way that draws the reader in to what she has to say. As author of scrapbooking idea books and creative director for Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, she is very influenced by scrapbooking. She shares what inspirer her and what keeps her going.

Ali Edwards – I love checking in to read her blog. She is such a real and honest person. She has some fun links on her blog that you may want to check out to. One of my favorites is her Happiness Blog. This blog is also written by Ali and it is a place where she shares inspirational quotes on a variety of topics.

Do you have a favorite scrapbook blog that you would like to share? We love to find even more places for gaining inspiration.