Game Time

T-minus 72 hours or so until the opening day of gun deer season in our neck of the woods. Here in northern Wisconsin hunting is not just a sport, it is a way of life. And while the men are away the women will… scrapbook.

Deer hunting widow events are HUGE in this part of the state. This weekend various local retailers, including the two scrapbook stores that bookend our town, are offering free workshops, sale-priced merchandise and prize giveaways, for the ladies left behind while their men take to the woods.

My neighbor counts down to this sale each year. Her husband is a die hard hunter and she in turn is a die hard scrapper. The result: in addition to having stuffed deer heads decorating her basement, she also has a number of scrapbooks dedicated to showing off her hubby’s prized kills.

I’m not sure if this is a regional thing, but our local scrapbook stores carry a large selection of hunting theme scrapbook embellishments, including paper, stickers, stamps, frames, and clip art, which feature everything from deer, elk, moose and bears to small game animals, such as rabbits, wild turkey, waterfowl, and grouse. In addition, you can also find amazingly detailed stickers and scrapbook paper featuring hunting gear, such as rifles, camouflage outfits, blaze orange jackets, and binoculars. Last year I saw a sticker pack that included a hunting shack, jeep and mounted deer head.

Some families make hunting a family affair. I know some moms, sisters and daughters that take to the woods alongside the men in the clan. If you share a passion for shooting, then you can further personalize a hunting scrapbook by journaling. Another option is to organize your hunting scrapbook in the form of a narrative. Have each page tell a part of a story using journaling, quotes, photos and personal mementos, such as a turkey feather from your son’s first kill.

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