Garage Sale Supplies

Whether you want to have a successful garage sale or clean up by shopping at one, there are several supplies that you should have on hand. These supplies will help you do well and save money.
Let us start with the supplies that you will need when hosting a garage sale.

If you are hosting a garage sale, it is important for you to display your goods in an attractive manner that encourages shopping. In order to do this, you should have lots of tables. Having things on tables sells more items than displaying them on the ground, with perhaps the exception of large toys.

If you don’t have enough tables, borrow some from whomever you can or create some makeshift tables out of sawhorses and some flat surfaces, such as discarded doors, planks of wood, etc. The more items you can get displayed neatly and off of the floor, the better.

Clothing sells much better when it is hanging neatly. See if you can borrow a clothing rack, tie some cord between two trees or invent some other makeshift way to hang clothing on hangers. If you really can’t hang your clothing, fold it neatly and group it by size, labeling everything clearly.

Signs are so important. I am not just talking about garage sale announcement signs, although those are essential to bringing in the traffic. I mean pricing signs. Having things clearly priced can help with your sales. Near the clothing, for example, you might write: “$1 each,” or “25 cents to $2, priced as marked.” Stickers cans fall off, and marking every little thing can get tedious. Keep some extra signs and markers in case you want to make some new deals or have inspiration. “Half price on everything,” or “Buy a child’s outfit and get the shoes for free,” for two examples.

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