Garage Sales: Arranging Items For Display

In addition to what you use to display your items at your garage sale, how you display those items is equally important.

Categories: The first thing you should consider when setting up your displays, is the categories. Obviously you need to keep like minded items together. For instance, tools should be displayed on a table with only tools. Children’s smaller toys should be on another table. Or you could even go as far as to separate the boy toys from the girl toys, though I think you should avoid this practice, as nowadays, girls play with boy toys and boys play with girls toys. Separating them might send the wrong message.

Placement: Obviously placement plays an important part as well. If you have some larger items to go on the table, you need to place these in the back, medium sized items in the middle and smaller items in front. If something is really big and takes up too much space on the table, you might think about placing it at the foot of the table on the ground. If it’s that large, visibility is just as good there. In addition, keep small items nearby where you will be sitting, helps to eliminate any walk-offs. You don’t want to lose items to those less than honest people. You also need to keep in mind that you want people who drive by to be able to see your best items, so they stop. Keep this in mind during set up.

Packaging: If you have small items that go together, such as Barbie clothes or Yu-Gi-oh cards, consider packaging them into a plastic bag and setting one price for all. You can do this several times over if you have a lot of the same type of items. Or if you have a bunch of inexpensive items, group them together and set a price for all, like a grab bag for fifty cents. In addition, if you have items that go with larger items, you might want to place those in a bag as well. Tape them to the item they go with. It helps keep everything together.

Do you have any additional display tips?

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