Garage Sales: Do All Items Need Price Tags?

Sitting down to price items for a garage sale can be extremely time consuming. In addition, it is a chore, trying to come up with a price for each item. Often I hear the question asked frequently by people just getting ready to start. Do all of my items need to have a price tag on them? How do I know which things I don’t need a tag on?

The answer to the first question, is: No, not all items need to have a price tag attached. However, I strongly recommend that you might want to consider having a price on everything anyway. Many people do not like to have to ask how much an item is, and would prefer just to see it on their own. If the item does not have a price tag on it, and that person isn’t comfortable asking for the amount, you might have just lost a sale. It is up to you if you decide to do this or not.

The answer to the second question, is: It is a personal preference on which items you choose to price and which you do not. Sometimes, leaving a price tag off of an item, can be beneficial. It allows for some bartering by the buyer. This gives them a little say in what they pay, often they will pay more than you thought they would, and sometimes of course, you have the person who will offer you $2 for a $50 item. Remember, just because someone quotes you a price they would like to pay for the item, does not mean you have to accept it that price, and you can do some bartering as well.

To learn more about pricing and how to go about it, visit Pricing Items at a Garage Sale.

Do you have any additional pricing tips?

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