This year I am attempting to grow a few vegetable plants for the first time. We have been counseled to have a garden each year. My in-laws have a huge garden in which they grow cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, green beans and many other vegetables. We lived near them for a few years, and I became spoiled, as I grew used to having all of that wonderful fresh produce during the summer at no cost.

Growing up my family had a garden for a few years. My parents struggled to get things to grow. The year the garden was the best was the year we went out of town for at least two weeks. My parents hired a neighbor boy to take care of the garden. We came back to huge green plants and so many vegetables to eat. I think that was the last year they had a garden.

I have always wanted to garden, well, honestly, I have always wanted several tomato plants. I love homegrown tomatoes. I’ve never had land to grow them, and I didn’t know how to do container gardening. This year at an Enrichment activity, my ward had a class on container gardening. I am really grateful for the class. I walked out with enough knowledge to at least try. We have a cherry tomato plant, a red chilli pepper plant, and a green pepper plant. If it goes well, I will grow more next year. I can hardly wait for the cherry tomatoes to start growing.

This month Provident Living is doing a special section on gardening. It may not be too late to start growing in your area. If you are limited in land space, you might want to try your hand in container gardening. It is not too difficult, and there is a definite satisfaction that comes with watching things grow. My daughter loves to water the plants and takes pride in it as well.