Gender Differences in Marriage

Do men and women communicate differently? Is it possible that the way men and women communicate can actually cause difficulty in understanding one another? The answer to both questions is yes.

Many books have been written on the subject of gender differences in marriage, including one of the more popular ones “Men are From Mars. Women are From Venus.” These books usually deal with the black and white differences among the genders, but rarely deal with the nuances that exist that have little to do with gender differences.

In this post, we’ll deal with three differences among genders and how to deal with them.

Men are more logical. Women are more emotional.

As a result, the man is talking facts, while the woman is talking emotions. The two cannot understand each other because they’re basically talking apples and oranges. The key is to deal with both the facts and the emotions. Start with one and move on to the next so that both spouses and issues are being given fair time.

Men need less cuddling and communication.

Again, this may not be true across the board, but it seems to be true about most men. Women seem to need more emotional support in the form of cuddling and communication. This needs to be discussed with your spouse so that he knows how you feel and why and can help fulfill those needs.

Men are more independent and need more space.

Sometimes men go off to their “caves” to think and work things out, while women want to talk and bounce ideas off of their spouses. This can become a problem if the woman starts nagging the husband to talk and share, when all he wants to do is spend a little time alone thinking first. Learn to read signs, personalities, and gender differences so you don’t get disappointed when he doesn’t react like you wish.

Gender differences don’t have to pose a problem. On the contrary, they can add spice and excitement to a thriving and growing relationship!