Genealogy Podcast Roundup – Week of April 23, 2012

microphone It is time, once again, for the Genealogy Podcast Roundup. This is where to find brand new episodes of your favorite genealogy podcasts. You can also find episodes from genealogy podcasts that are new to you.

NPR has an episode of “Weekend Edition Sunday” that was released on April 22, 2012. This episode is called “Wartime Translator Explores Her ‘Father’s Country’”. Author Saima Wahab wrote a memoir called “In My Father’s Country”. She was a translator and cultural advisor for the U.S. Military in Afghanistan. Her memoir talks about leaving Afghanistan as a child, growing up in the United States, and then returning to her birth country.

African Roots Podcast released episode number 159 on April 20, 2012. In this episode, host Angela Walton-Raji suggests you check out the Fold3 website, where you can find military records that are posted for free. She points out a new podcast called “Uncovering Your Roots”, and mentions several upcoming genealogy events and conferences.

Create Your Life Story has a video episode that was released on April 22, 2012. This episode is called “It Started With Bill, Now for Him it’s Over”. Ian Kath, the host of the Create Your Life Story blog and podcast, talks about his favorite uncle, Bill, who recently passed away. He shares some video that was taken when he interviewed Bill and asked about his life story. He urges people “Please don’t procrastinate!” Go record the life stories of your family now!

FGS has an episode that was released on April 21, 2012. This episode is called “WordPress for Your Society Website”. This episode is hosted by Randy Whited.

It includes guest Taneya Koonce, who is a professional knowledge management information scientist, State Coordinator for the TNGenWeb, Webmaster for NCGenWeb, and a member of the FGS Education Committee. They discuss how WordPress can help make maintaining your society’s website really easy. The featured FGS member society in this episode is the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Internet Advisor released an episode on April 21, 2012. This episode is called “Climbing Your Family Tree”. Part of this episode is a discussion with Bill O’Reilly and Becky Layne O’Reilly from “My”. They talk about the science of discovering and creating family trees, and the facts and stories behind them. Together, the two have over 50 years of experience in genealogy.

Image by AV Hire London on Flickr