Genealogy Podcast Roundup – Week of July 12, 2011

microphone You can learn a lot of things while listening to a podcast. There are plenty of genealogy related podcasts scattered across the internet. You can listen to them from their website, download them to your mp3 player, and sometimes even tune in to when the podcast is doing a live show. Here are some genealogy related podcasts that were recently released.

The Geni blog podcast has a episode that was released on July 12, 2011. The episode is titled: “Cluster and Collateral Searches”. Thomas and Grant explain what each of those types of searches are, and teach genealogists how they can use those two different kinds of searches to find information about their ancestors.

African Roots Podcast released episode #188 on July 8, 2011. In this episode, Angela Walton-Raji talks about the Freedom Riders 50th Anniversary Commemoration that recently took place. She also points out some great resources for genealogists including: The National Medical Association Journal, the Illinois Database of Servitude and Emancipation Records, the Colored Marriage Declarations (of Fayette County, Kentucky), and more.

The National Archive released a new episode on July 8, 2011. This episode is called “Overseas births, marriages and deaths: records in the National Archives”. The National Archives is the official archive of the UK government, so by “overseas” they mean countries outside of the UK. This episode specifically focuses on civilian and military registers that are kept by British authorities. They also mention churches, consulates, and other archives outside of the UK.

Geneabloggers had a new episode air on July 8, 2011. This one is called “Don’t Know Much About Genealogy – Genealogy Education”. Host Thomas MacEntee has special guests Lee Maxey, of the Boston University Center for Professional Education, and Elissa Scalise Powell, of the Genealogy Research Institute of Pittsburgh. They discuss educational opportunities in the field of genealogy.

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter Podcast has an episode that was released on July 7, 2011. This episode is called “An interview with Daniel Horowitz”, and that is exactly what it is. Daniel Horowitz is the chief genealogist at MyHeritage. He describes the advantages of “family social networking” through MyHeritage, and talks about the innovative “Family Goals” payment system.

Image by Ricardo Liberato on Flickr