Genealogy Podcast Roundup – Week of November 29, 2011

headphones The weekly Genealogy Podcast Roundup is back! This is where to find a good, informative, genealogy podcast to listen to. You might also find episodes of podcasts that are new to you, or that do not always talk about genealogy related topics.

NPR has an episode of “Morning Edition” that was released on November 29, 2011. This episode is called “Holocaust Database Helps Families Complete Stories”.

This episode talks about the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and’s “World Memory Project”. The project allows people to sift through online documents in a much easier way than was previously available to genealogists. You can use this resource to discover more about the fate of ancestors who were Holocaust victims.

Genealogy Gems has an episode that was released on November 27, 2011. This episode is called “Chat with a Forensic Genealogist”, and it is episode number 122. This episode features an interview with Forensic Genealogist Leslie Lawson.

Also in this episode: news about the new season of “Who Do You Think You Are?”, new records added to FamilySearch, and information about Google Earth. They also read and respond to listener email.

African Roots Podcast released a new episode on November 25, 2011. Host Angela Walton-Raji hopes that all of you had a great Thanksgiving holiday. She is spending time with someone who is a “genea-mentor” to her, Dr. Agnes Kane Callum. Host Walton-Raji suggests that now is a great time for genealogists to tell our own stories, and to document our own communities. She talks about StoryCorps, and says it is a good place to find inspiration.

The National Archives has an episode that was released on November 29, 2011. This episode is called “Making Geographical Sense of the Census”.

This episode provides information that came from a conference that was held at the National Archives in October of 2011. The conference looked at all aspects of the census, and talked about what this rich source of information can tell people about their ancestors.

Create Your Life Story has an episode that was released on November 28, 2011. This episode is number 63, and it is called “Help with Your Life Story”.

This episode talks about the many reasons why you might need someone to help you record your life story, (or your family history). You might need help transcribing the audio from an interview with a relative, or help with technology once an interview has been recorded. You may need an editor to improve the audio you recorded. You could need help from someone who knows more about publishing than you do.

Image by skpy on Flickr