Genealogy Podcast Roundup – Week of November 8, 2011

headphones It is time for this week’s Genealogy Podcast Roundup. This is where to look every week in order to find the newest episodes of your favorite genealogy podcasts. It is also a good place to go to find out about genealogy podcasts that you may not have heard about before.

GeneaBloggers has an episode that was released on November 4, 2011. This episode is called “Copyright and Genealogy – Yours, Mine and Ours”.

Special guests in this episode include Dick Eastman, founder of “Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter”. He discusses the problem of copyright violations when it comes to blog posts and content. Jonathan Bailey, of the “Plagiarism Today” website, is another special guest. He talks about resources you can use to learn more about copyright law and how to deal with content theft. James Tanner, of the “Genealogy’s Star blog”, is another special guest. He talks about the intricacies of United States Copyright law.

African Roots Podcast released episode number 135 on November 4, 2011. In this episode, host Angela Walton-Raji talks about the Smithsonian Institution’s traveling exhibition of “IndiVisible: African Native American in the Americas.” She also discusses news such as Mercer University offering an Institute for teachers, and efforts to save an endangered burial site in Suffolk, Virginia.

Create Your Life Story has an episode that was released on November 5, 2011. This episode is called “Free Quick Start Mini-Guide to Your Life Story”. The episode talks about what this free guide is, how it can help you, and where to get it. The guide is designed to teach you how to start writing your life story, or the life story of a relative, today.

The National Archives has an episode that was released on November 4, 2011. This episode is called “Exploding the mysteries of the Bomb Census”. This episode talks about how you can research details of bombing incidents that took place during the Second World War. It is available through the Ministry of Home Security’s Bomb Census, (which is held at the National Archives).

Arizona Public Media has an episode that was released on November 3, 2011. This episode is called “Amanuel Gebremariam, New American”. The episode is about a man named Amanuel Gebremariam who escaped Ethiopia’s Civil War, and came to America through the United States Refugee Resettlement program.

He has spent the past seventeen years serving up recipes that were created by his mother in his Tuscon restaurant called Zemams. One of the more interesting aspects of genealogy involves the foods that came from the relatives who immigrated to America from other countries. Food tells you a lot about a person’s heritage.

Image by Azlan DuPree on Flickr