General Conference: “Faith, Family, Facts and Fruit”

In his talk “Faith, Family, Facts and Fruit” Elder M Russell Ballard speaks about the perceptions that many people have towards the church. Elder Ballard emphasizes the importance that each member be prepared to answer questions about our church. He points out that when most people ask questions about the church, they do not want the entire history of the church laid out along with all of the doctrine. This would overwhelm them. Instead he suggests that you offer a few facts in relation to their question.

Elder Ballard focuses on four areas of emphasis in the church. He talks about facts. This section talks about the name of the church, the number of members, and the number of meeting houses. This section talks about what the church does and how big it is. Elder Ballard also speaks about faith. This section’ focus on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This would also include Christ’s Atonement. The lesson also focuses on the Restoration of the gospel. Elder Ballard also points out that family is another area that you can talk about. The family is one of the central focuses of our church. The final area is fruit. This area’s focus is on the lives of the members of the church. It emphasizes the blessings that the gospel brings to our lives.

Elder Ballard encourages each member to take the time to jot down some answers to the basic questions so that you can be prepared to answer the questions as the need arises. He also suggests handing out the Articles of Faith card when you have a discussion about the church. This will help those asking to better understand our beliefs.

Elder Ballard offers some great advice about being able and willing to answer questions about the gospel. I agree with his point about not overwhelming someone who asks a question about the church or its beliefs. It is important for us to be able to answer questions about the church and to be able to clear up any misconceptions that others may have.

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