General Conference: “See the End from the Beginning”

In his talk “See the End from the Beginning” Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf shares a personal story about how hard work helped him to overcome lung disease that he wasn’t aware that he had. The work, which he was required to do helped to heal his body and allowed him to pursue a professional career as a pilot. He says that it was an example of the Lord knowing what he needed.

Elder Uchtdorf spoke at the Priesthood session, primarily to the young men. He said:

“We don’t always know the details of our future. We do not know what lies ahead. We live in a time of uncertainty. We are surrounded by challenges on all sides. Occasionally discouragement may sneak into our day; frustration may invite itself into our thinking; doubt might enter about the value of our work. In these dark moments Satan whispers in our ears that we will never be able to succeed, that the price isn’t worth the effort, and that our small part will never make a difference. He, the father of all lies, will try to prevent us from seeing the end from the beginning.”

Elder Uchtdorf advises the young men to study the For The Strength of Youth pamphlet and apply it to their lives. He counsels that this will help the young men discern the end from the beginning. He also encourages the young men to prepare themselves to attend the temple, because this will also help them to tell the end from the beginning. Elder Uchtdorf says:

“The Lord wants you, my young friends, to desire with all your heart to keep these standards and live by the gospel truths found in the scriptures. As you do this, you will see beyond the moment, and you will see your bright and wonderful future with great opportunities and responsibilities. You will be willing to work hard and endure long, and you will have an optimistic outlook on life. You will see that your life’s road will lead you to the house of the Lord first and then to serve a full-time mission, representing the Savior wherever He will send you. After your mission you will organize and plan your life based on the same standards. Therefore, in your mind’s eye you will see yourself entering the house of the Lord for an eternal marriage and family. Your priorities in life will change to match the priorities given to us by the Savior. And God will bless you and open the eyes of your understanding so you can see the end from the beginning.”

Elder Uchtdorf’s talk is excellent. Even thought the talk is directed to young men, we can apply these principles to our lives as well. I hope that you will take the time to read the talk.