General Conference: “That We May Always Have His Spirit to Be With Us”

In his talk “That We May Always Have His Spirit to Be With Us,” Elder David A Bednar speaks about how we can make sure that we are in tune with the Spirit. Elder Bednar opens his talk by speaking about baptism and the covenant that we enter into at baptism. He then talks about receiving the Holy Ghost. He then says that although we should be focused on listening to the Spirit we also need to make sure we are not distracting from the Spirit. He says:

“We should also endeavor to discern when we “withdraw [ourselves] from the Spirit of the Lord, that it may have no place in [us] to guide [us] in wisdom’s paths that [we] may be blessed, prospered, and preserved” (Mosiah 2:36). Precisely because the promised blessing is that we may always have His Spirit to be with us, we should attend to and learn from the choices and influences that separate us from the Holy Spirit.

The standard is clear. If something we think, see, hear, or do distances us from the Holy Ghost, then we should stop thinking, seeing, hearing, or doing that thing. If that which is intended to entertain, for example, alienates us from the Holy Spirit, then certainly that type of entertainment is not for us. Because the Spirit cannot abide that which is vulgar, crude, or immodest, then clearly such things are not for us. Because we estrange the Spirit of the Lord when we engage in activities we know we should shun, then such things definitely are not for us.”

Elder Bednar goes on to use the story of the Liahona to illustrate what he means. He spoke of how the Liahona only worked properly while Lehi and his family were faithful. In the same way the promptings form the Holy Ghost will only come as we are faithful. Elder Bednar stated:

“The Spirit of the Lord can be our guide and will bless us with direction, instruction, and spiritual protection during our mortal journey. We invite the Holy Ghost into our lives through meaningful personal and family prayer, feasting upon the words of Christ, diligent and exacting obedience, faithfulness and honoring of covenants, and through virtue, humility, and service. And we steadfastly should avoid things that are immodest, coarse, crude, sinful, or evil that cause us to withdraw ourselves from the Holy Ghost.”

This is a wonderful talk, which teaches us what we can do to have the Holy Spirit be with us through our lives. I hope that you will take the time to read it.