General Conference: “Why Are We Members of the Only True Church?”

In his talk “Why Are We Members of the Only True Church?” Elder Enrique R. Falabella speaks of the blessings that the church offers to its members. He mentions three specific blessings that he has felt from being a member of the church.

He opens the talk by speaking about his childhood. His father was a widower. His family was poor and struggled to make ends meet. Eventually missionaries came and taught them the gospel. They were able to be sealed together in the temple. He speaks of the importance of eternal families. Elder Falabella goes on to emphasize that this is one of the unique blessings of the gospel.

Another blessing that Elder Falabella mentions is the blessing of the priesthood. He points out that each family can have the priesthood in their homes. The blessings of the priesthood are easily accessible to all members of the church. It allows guidance and hope to be in each home.

Elder Falabella goes on to talk about the power of personal testimony in each of our lives. He speaks specifically about the importance of having a testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ and His Atonement. He speaks about praying so that you can gain a testimony. Elder Falabella also speaks of the witness he received from the Holy Ghost about the truthfulness of the gospel.

This is a wonderful talk that focuses on several blessings that the gospel brings into your lives. I, too, am grateful for eternal families, and the power of the Priesthood. I also know that it is only through the power of Christ’s Atonement that we can be saved. I am grateful for the peace that the gospel brings into my life. I am grateful for the guidance of the scriptures. What are some blessings that you have received from the gospel?

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