Gentle Giants Rescue

Back in the day, Burt Ward donned tights and cape to rescue the hapless citizens of Gotham City as one of the stars of the Batman live-action television series. These days, his gear is less flashy but he is still doing the hero thing.

Burt Ward and his wife run Gentle Giants and Little Giants Rescue out of Riverside, California. They rescue and adopt gentle giants — large and extra-large breed dogs like Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Wolfhounds, Newfoundlands, and more, including Little Giants like Whippets and Shelties. Many of the gentle giants come from families who cannot keep their pets for various reasons. The dogs may be in perfect health or they may be sick or injured; Gentle Giants does not discriminate. They train and socialize the dogs, and make sure the dogs get the medical attention they need — whether minor or major.

The Wards also work with breeders across the country to find homes for dogs that aren’t being bred or shown. They value every dog’s life, and want to find loving, healthy, happy indoor homes for all their Gentle Giants and Little Giants.

To adopt a Gentle Giant or a Little Giant, you must visit the Riverside, California facility; dogs can be adopted to anywhere in the country. The dog you adopt will be healthy, housebroken, and properly trained to get along with people and other pets. I am suddenly very tempted to spend my vacation time in California! Though I have a feeling I’d be coming home with one (or ten) of my favorite fur-faces! I am a sucker for Casey the Irish Wolfhound.

If you are going to visit the website, be forewarned that the pages are VERY image heavy. Dial-up users, beware!

If you are seriously thinking about adopting a Gentle Giant or Little Giant, you can read more about the process here.

To make a donation to Gentle Giants and Little Giants Rescue, click here.

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