Get a Coupon from Quiznos

Quiznos sub Once in a while, I like to get a quick meal from a fast food place. Some of them have healthier options than others do, and I tend to look for the ones that aren’t as bad for my health. Quiznos makes some tasty sub sandwiches, with fresh bread and vegetables. I have found some coupons from Quiznos that you can take with you when you visit.

Quiznos makes sub sandwiches, soup, and salads. Their subs come in three different sizes, so you can get one based on how hungry you are, or on how many calories you intend to consume at one meal. Choose from chicken, turkey, beef, or get a vegetarian sub. Tell them what vegetables you want on it, and what kind of bread you like. Quiznos is known for their toasted subs, but you do not have to get your sandwich toasted if you don’t want to. They also have Toasty Bullet subs that are less calories than their other sandwiches. Or, you can get your sandwich on flatbread. Other options include chopped salads, soups, and kids meals. If you are there early enough, they also have breakfast options.

The food at Quiznos is not extremely expensive, but it is still nice when you can get some coupons that will save you some money. There are two ways to get a coupon from Quiznos that you can print out, and hand to the cashier. Go to their website and look for the link that says “click here for a coupon”. This will automatically take you to their newest coupon. The current coupon will get you $1.00 off a regular or $2.00 off a large sandwich. This coupon expires on October 4, 2010.

You can also join the Q Club for exclusive deals. Start by going to the Quiznos website, and clicking on the Q Club icon. Enter your information, and you will get coupons in your email that you can print out before you visit Quiznos. You will receive $2.00 off just for joining the club.

Image by busbeytheelder on Flickr