Get a Genealogy Degree

If you are interested in genealogy and family history and considering going back to school you may be interested in earning a degree in family history or genealogy. There are a few programs to choose from that offer a degree in genealogy. A degree in genealogy can help you if you want to be genealogist and complete genealogy for other people. However many genealogists do not have a degree in genealogy, but rather just complete the work necessary to become a certified genealogist.

There are several options to complete a degree in genealogy. Several colleges offer online degrees in genealogy. These programs give you the option to complete the majority of your coursework from home around your schedule. One of these programs is available at Heritage Genealogy College. This program offers onsite and online classes that allows you to earn a bachelor’s degree or certificates in genealogy. This program is the most genealogy intense focused program. It has classes that will teach you how to set up your own genealogy business.

Akami University allows you to earn an Associates degree. This is a distance education program. It requires sixty credit hours of work, but you can complete all of the work from you own home. This degree requires that general credits be fulfilled in addition to the classes that focus on genealogy.

Brigham Young University offers the option to major or minor in family history through the history department. This is a residential program that requires you to attend the majority of your classes on campus. You will also be required to take a wide variety of history classes to complete this degree.

If you already have a degree or feel that you know a lot about genealogy you may choose to go straight to a certification program instead. Many genealogists begin working for others without being certified first. You can get experience helping others through volunteering at your local society.

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