Get Free Milk and Oreo Cookies This June!

Oreo and milk Few things will capture the attention of people who have a taste for sweets than the offer of free cookies. Certain kinds of cookies, like Oreos, seem to have been perfectly designed to be dunked in milk. Right now, you can get free milk and Oreo cookies when you enter the sweepstakes on the Oreo website.

How do you like to eat your Oreos? Do you take small bites of them, savoring every last morsel? Do you prefer to shove the entire cookie into your mouth, all at once, and then proceed to chew it to bits?

Many people like to open up their Oreo cookies, and start by licking the cream out of the middle of the cookie, before finishing off the individual chocolate wafers. How many of you have taken the “tops” off of your Oreo cookies, and attempted to combine layers of the cream filling, before carefully placing the “tops” back on the gigantic franken-cookie? And then, there are the people who choose not to eat Oreo cookies at all, because they are on a diet.

Most people like to dunk their Oreo cookies into a glass of milk. This serves two purposes. It makes the Oreo nice and soft, so you can squish it into your mouth and chew it with much less effort than would normally be required. It also turns your boring glass of milk into an interesting chocolate mixture of chocolate cookie crumbs, bits of cream filling, and milk. Once could say that the milk provides at least some nutrition into what would otherwise be nothing more than a sugar filled snack time. It is clear that milk and Oreo cookies go perfectly together.

If you enjoy Oreo cookies, then go to the Oreo website and enter the sweepstakes. You could win free milk and free Oreo cookies to dunk into it. A new winner will be chosen every hour through the entire month of June, 2011.

The Grand Prize is an “Oreo & Milk Moments” gift basket that includes 4 Oreo & Got Milk branded cups and plates, and an Oreo & Got Milk digital frame. You also get a coupon that you can use to get a free gallon of milk, and a coupon that you can use to get a free package of “Nabisco cookies”. Obviously, you supposed to select Oreo cookies. A total of 720 Grand Prizes will be given out this month, one every hour.

Image by Jellaluna on Flickr