Get Inspired: Simple Layouts

I am always on the lookout for simple scrapbook layouts. Why? Because viewing other’s work often inspires me and the simpler the layout, the faster it gets completed and into my albums.

I don’t always scrapbook in a simple style. Sometimes a layout can take me a few days to complete with several different techniques featured and other times, simply a few minutes, with only one or two techniques. Often when I have lots of pictures from an event, and I want to scrapbook all of them, I choose simpler layouts. They are finished and put into my albums for others to enjoy a lot faster this way.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to simple scrapbooking, however there are a few techniques, or perhaps lack there of, to make it easier.

When you want to complete a layout in a simple way, choosing just one or two techniques to focus on is best. Using sketches is another. Becky Higgins, The Queen of Scrapbook Sketches, has idea books dedicated solely to the art of simple scrapbooking. They aren’t marketed for simple scrapbookers but they sure make scrapbooking that way, a lot easier. There are now many web sites providing sketches, as well as some other scrapbook magazines. Sketches are everywhere, and you can even design your own. (Please see the article – Sketches: A Simple Way to Scrapbook coming 4-5-06!)

I typically begin a layout by choosing a sketch, based on the number of photos I have to use. If I don’t feel like using a sketch or I can’t find one that works, then I play around with the design of my layout until I like where everything goes.

I choose one technique I’d like to focus on. Maybe I’ll use paper piecing, or rubber stamping or paper tearing. I then grab my supplies and get to work. I never adhere anything to the page until I feel I am finished.

This way of scrapbooking is especially helpful when you are in a scrapbooking rut and cannot get inspired or creative. I haven’t exactly been in a rut lately, however I have had little time to work on my scrapbooking. I’ve been way too busy writing articles and focusing on my business. So I use this method frequently.

Recently, I was searching through my computer files and disks to see what all I had scanned and stored already (looking for some new creative ideas for my articles) when low and behold I came across some really interesting layouts. Some I still cannot believe I created (in a good way) and still some that make me cringe slightly as my style has changed dramatically since then. Promise you won’t laugh!

I thought I’d share a few of the simpler layouts with you. Hopefully someone will be inspired, or at least enjoy them.

Scrapbook LayoutsScrapbook Layouts
Scrapbook LayoutsScrapbook Layouts
Scrapbook LayoutsScrapbook Layouts
Scrapbook LayoutsScrapbook Layouts

Do you remember when this was what scrapbooking was – before all the new and more advanced techniques entered the scrapbooking world? I still find myself scrapbooking this way a lot – a way to get done quicker and I’m all about simplicity! I want my pictures to stand out! And I feel in those layouts, they simply do.

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