Get Ready for Kindergarten

Believe it or not it is that time of year again! We are already looking ahead to the next school year and many counties are beginning to register upcoming kindergarten students. Many kindergarten preregistrations are held in April.

Holding a kindergarten, and now prekindergarten, preregistration gives school administrators and teachers an idea of how many new students to expect during the next school year. Although the number typically changes by the time school starts, it does give a basic idea on how many teachers will be needed for the kindergarten grade level for the upcoming year.

If you have a child that will be able to attend kindergarten or prekindergarten next year, begin listening to the local radio and checking local newspapers for the opportunity to preregister your child.

Also be certain that you check for the required documents that you need to take with you. These are usually papers such as birth certificate, immunization record, and social security number. Some public prekindergarten programs often need proof of income in order to determine if you meet the appropriate income requirements.

Different states have different rules about how old a child has to be when they enter kindergarten. Most states have cut off dates of a child being five before September or October. Although this cut off date is set, it is not required to send your child if he or she meets the requirements. Many parents with children who have birthdays close to the cut off date decide to hold their children out for a year and let them begin the following school year.

This decision should be made based on how ready you feel your child is for school. You must analyze both academic and social aspects. Some children mature faster than other children. The child’s birthday cannot be a sole factor in determining if your child is ready to begin school.

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