Get Ready for Your Yard Sale

As I sit here, I am watching the third or is it fourth major snow storm in our area. Schools have been closed for two days, and even more snow is predicted in the next few days. Some of the snow drifts are as tall as I am. That is why it is a perfect time to start planning out having a yard sale.

Even through we have all of that snow, spring cannot be far behind. The first few yard sales of spring can be the most profitable. Bargain hunters stuck indoors for so long will gleefully flock to your sale. They won’t be jaded or tired from a plethora of other sales, and they won’t be able to compare prices so readily.

The other nice thing about weeks of snow is that you are forced to stay inside or at least close to home. The roads aren’t great for traveling, and who wants to go out in all of that cold anyway? With all of that in house time, you’ll be able to start getting your clutter turned into cash.

What I like to do is first take a quick tour of the house. Often, I can spot things right away that we aren’t using or don’t need. Those can all go in a box. Next, I’ll focus on one area of one room at a time to collect items. For example, my kids drawers and closets are a good first step. I can usually find plenty of outgrown clothes that get me jump started on my yard sale inventory.

Another area that does well for inventory in my household is the basement. I am very motivated to get the thing cleaned out and organized so that we might semi-finish it and turn more of it into living space. This motivation will often lead me to a good sized haul of stuff. Plus, being away from the rest of the main living area, I can de-clutter in peace.

Not interested in hosting a yard sale at your home? Try a rummage or outgrown sale at a nearby church or community center.

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