Get Rid of Lice from School with the Lady Nitpickers

It is that time of year when the school nurses begin making their way around to the classrooms and sending out those dreaded “lice letters”. These letters inform the parents that their child has lice and cannot return to school until treated with medication.

It seems that winter is worse for lice because children are wearing hats and coats. These usually hang closely together in the classroom and the bugs spread.

Parents usually buy the shampoo medication and sit for endless hours picking the nits from their child’s head. Clothing, bedding, and carpet also have to be treated.

This can be a very unpleasant occurrence for both the parents and the child.

However, some ladies in Brooklyn have found an art in the lice nit picking business. Some Jewish women have turned their skills in being able to pick nits from hair into a business. Some of these women are charging up to $100.00 a head to free the client of the nits and bugs. In addition to picking, they also use several different potions.

One business began by Susan Sherman who lives in Borough Park has sixteen workers. Her business, LiceBGoners, charges by the hour ($75) instead of by the head.

In addition to checking heads, they also check foods for pests. Yuk! They say that you would be surprised what is found in dates, figs, lettuce, and celery!

Other businesses have also opened. New York has its very own Lice Busters NYC and Manhattan is home to Licenders.

While at first this idea seemed farfetched and just p gross to me, the more that I thought about it the more I realized that it is the perfect idea.

There are some people, like me, that are totally grossed out by things such as lice. I had much rather pay someone else to pick out nits than have to do it myself. The services also offer support about the subject for parents.

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