Get Your Free Kashi Granola Bar

Kashi is currently offering a free granola bar. You may have seen Kashi commercials where the guys travel all over the world looking for healthy foods that taste good. Cute commercials, that make the point, stuff that’s good for you doesn’t have to taste bad. It doesn’t necessarily have to taste bad, but it seems like a lot of does anyway!

The current promotion from Kashi is unique and fun. Jeff Grogg says he “takes it personally” when people say health food tastes like cardboard, and he’s out to prove us wrong. With this challenge, you can sign up for a free granola bar, and if you don’t like it, Jeff has promised to eat the cardboard box it came in.

I had to laugh at this, and I thought it was a great promotion. I signed up for my free Kashi bar. This particular granola bar is made of oats, almonds, honey, and cranberries, and it looks and sounds pretty tasty. Although, you can bet I’ll hold him to that deal if I don’t like it!

I’m not a big health food fan, and even though I am trying to eat more healthfully, he’s going to have to prove it to me. I remember purchasing Kashi Cereal in the past, but it must not have been too inspiring, because I don’t remember much about it, and I never bought it again. However, with the recent push to insure that the taste is as high in quality as the nutrition, I’ll give it another shot. What have I got to lose? It’s free.

Wouldn’t it be great to find something healthy to snack on, serve for breakfast, and give our kids? I’m hoping it’s a good product, even though I have to be honest and admit that I’d love to see Jeff Grogg eat the box!

Click here to sign up for a free Kashi Granola Bar.