Getting a Headstart

When I enrolled my youngest daughter, Aryanna, who is four, in Headstart, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My fiancé and I just wanted Aryanna to have an early education. I called and applied for her before the beginning of this school year and was put on a waiting list. About a month or so later I received a phone call from Headstart saying that her application was approved. She would begin what they call home-based Headstart.

Since then we have had a home visitor come to our home once a week to visit with Aryanna. They play games; make arts and crafts, and more. Just last week we planted a variety of plants in the backyard, and Aryanna joyfully discovered worms. We all enjoyed it.

Every other week, Aryanna’s home visitor comes in the red Headstart van and takes Aryanna to her socialization day. That is when Aryanna gets to go to a classroom with other children her age. They have playtime, story time and a snack.

Next year, Aryanna will be in center-based Headstart. She will go to a class with other kids her age for a few hours each school day. This will be her preschool.

I don’t know what we would do without Headstart. Aryanna has learned so much. She excitedly looks forward to her time with her home visitor, as well as the class visits. She enjoys it so much. I don’t even think she realizes how much she is learning! Thank you, Headstart, for one of the best organizations I have ever known. You have given my daughter an early education that every child needs, and have done it all for free. Yes, Headstart is a free program to eligible families.

To see if you have a Headstart in your area, visit or look up Headstart in your area’s phone book or online.

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