Getting and Staying Organized

I could live happily ever after in The Container Store.

Ironically, the place that fills me with such glee can also make me feel like a disorganized sloth.

One area of my home that could use some serious help from The Container Store is my scrapbooking corner. I don’t live in a huge house complete with scrapbooking room; rather, I make do with a little area in the family room that I have transformed into my own private workspace. The corner features a couple of tables and several shelving units where I store my scrapbooking materials.

Regardless of the size of your scrapbooking workspace, it is critical to keep it organized. You can have copious amounts of storage and supplies, but if you cannot find anything, then the entire set-up is insufficient. Most scrappers I know live and die by inexpensive photo storage boxes. In addition, no workspace is complete without containers used to keep embellishments neat and orderly.

Paper storage is another critical feature. Even beginner scrappers will need to have an area to file cardstock, patterned paper, and other options such as mulberry paper and vellum. Whenever possible I prefer to opt for storage ideas that allow me to see my materials; that way I always know what and how much of one thing I have or need. For example, by placing buttons in pretty clear jars I can immediately see when I am running low on the affordable embellishment. Ditto for pens, scissors, colored pencils, ribbon and scrapbooking tools.

Since I live with a curious 6-year-old it is also important to find a balance between functionality and safety. Being able to see all of your supplies at a glance is a great way to boost your creative energy. However, you don’t want little hands to have too much accessibility to items that may harm them.

How do you get and stay organized in your scrapping area?

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