Getting Baby Clothes for Free

Free is always a good thing, right? This is especially true when it comes to baby clothing. It is amazing how such as small person can cost so much money to clothe. From cure little matching outfits complete with hat and booties, to the basics, such as onsies and socks, the clothing cost can really add up.

However, there are some ways to get your baby clothing completely for free with just a little effort.

One of the most common sense ways of getting free baby clothes is to just ask. Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Chances are they, or someone they know, has the clothes you need. Be specific in your needs as far as size and gender.

Buy children’s clothing in bulk at a yard sale. Offer to take all of the boxes of clothing off of their hands for a cheap price. Sell what you don’t need on ebay or through consignment. You will pay for any clothing you do use for your children and make a nice profit to boot. You can also buy clothing at thrift stores and then resell them when you are done, as long as you keep them in good condition. Essentially, you will have paid nothing for the clothing, since you will be getting your money back.

Become a member of freecycle. Members swap various goods for free. I have been blessed with many nice items of baby and children’s clothing for free, and have passed on many items as well.

Barter for the clothing. Do you know a mom who could use some baby sitting? Barter a few hours of sitting in exchange for all of her baby’s outgrown clothing. Or, maybe she would like a meal, instead. You can get creative here. I still consider this a way of getting baa]by clothes for free, since there is no actual money being spent, just some time or skill.

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