For peak performance and the elimination of risk while rock climbing, you need to prepare the body

If you have never rock climbed before but want to try, the first step is to get into shape. You will need strong hands and legs to maneuver the slabs, overhangs, and finger crevices. The last thing you want is to try your hand at rock climbing, only to walk away frustrated and disappointed with the experience, all because you were not prepared. When rock climbing, you will be called on to make crucial decisions that require tremendous strength. Unless your body is ready, you will find your strength fading without any chance of recovery.

Keep in mind that being strong for rock climbing is important for holds but also for stamina. By having the body in the best physical condition possible, you will be a much safer climber – the number one goal. As you traverse the mountain, a sense of calm and presence of mind will go along with the taught muscles of the body to conduct safe rope work. Being strong and prepared means fewer falls and injury due to overuse of out-of-shape muscles.

Therefore, if interested in rock climbing, we encourage you to do it the right way. Locate a gym in your town, and begin a program that concentrates on muscles needed to climb. If unsure, you can work with a professional trainer. The best options include muscular and cardiovascular endurance training such as cycling and running. Although you do not have to be a bodybuilder to climb, you do want a good base of fitness.

The first time you climb and use your newly developed muscles, you will be glad you made the effort to build your body. As you carry your heavy crag pack or begin the grueling approach up the rocks, the overall experience will be far more relaxing and enjoyable.

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