Getting it Wrong

Sometimes you can have the best intentions and think you are doing the right thing and still end up getting it wrong. One of the biggest problems these days for many people are food intolerances. Wheat and gluten allergies, peanut allergies, dairy allergies etc and you wonder, ’where did we go wrong?’ Were these things not around years ago or just not recognized?

At one stage there was a big emphasis on eating more fiber and because of family history with cancer I tried to eat more bran and such products. The result was I ended up with wheat and gluten intolerance and am now on wheat and gluten free diet.

A large part of the problem these days is caused by so much processed food. Yes, you can read all the labels telling you it it’s good for your heart or low fat or will give you needed fiber, but what you also need to do is read the entire label- the fine print. Whenever they take fat out of a product they invariably add in more sugar or sodium, which is salt, so it has taste. Look at the amount of sugar in most products that come in a tin or a carton and you will be horrified. No wonder we are having a problem with obesity these days. We need to get back to more natural foods.

But even natural foods can have their problems. I used to think fruit was healthy and would often sit down to a fruit lunch. What I didn’t realize is fruit has so much sugar. Obviously it’s better than the sugar that is in processed food but it’s still not good to overindulge.

Instead we need to get back to more basics of vegetables, meats, eggs, fish, and natural grains and things like lentils, chick peas and beans. I’ve got to the stage now every time I go to reach for something in a can or carton I read the label first. I’ll be buying a lot less of those products in future.

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