Getting More Protein Without the Cholesterol

“I read your blogs about protein and how much I should eat. I have a problem with your advice though. How can we keep our protein levels high while keeping our cholesterol low?”

A diet high in protein does not necessitate a diet high in fat or cholesterol.

Following are some low-cholesterol options to add more protein to your diet:

Egg whites: If you can’t stand the flavor of plain egg whites, mix in one egg yolk with them. It’ll make for good flavor and texture while keeping cholesterol low.

Lean meats: Beef and pork tenderloin are low in fat and cholesterol and provide and excellent source of protein and other necessary nutrients. Also the lowest fat choices for ground beef are always the best for you. Look for 93% fat free or higher.

Lean fowl: Chicken and turkey white meat are excellent choices for low fat and low cholesterol sources of protein.

Whey protein powder: 100% whey protein powder is an easy source of protein that is free of fat, sugar and cholesterol. It is also easily assimilated and light on the stomach. If you just aren’t up to eating yet another chicken breast or cut of meat, consider having a protein shake made with whey protein. This makes for a great breakfast or snack on the go and can even be purchased in a Ready-to-Drink container like Myoplex Carb Control RTD.

Sometimes what makes our meals containing protein high in cholesterol is the preparation. Adding butter to everything you cook can add a great deal of unnecessary cholesterol to your meals. Consider some low cholesterol choices like the following.

Use non-stick sprays like Pam when preparing foods. These are terribly convenient but if you’d prefer something with less of a carbon footprint (that empty can you’ll have to throw away), consider using olive oil in a refillable spray bottle. Oilve oil is an excellent source of good fats and very heart healthy. Check your local grocery store for refillable spray bottles for oil. I bought one from the Pampered Chef that had a pump that added pressure so it sprayed just like an aerosol. These sprayers are very inexpensive considering the fact that you can continue to refill and reuse them for years.