Getting on a Scrapbook Design Team

So many of us, after we have been scrapping for years, want to get on a design team for a blog or website. This is not always easy.
The benefit to many design teams is that you get free kits, or scrapbooking supplies to keep promoting certain products for the website.

Each design team call has a lot of rules, and usually, a lot of submissions. Often times, they are looking for someone who can itemize ever product on their scrapbook layout and where it came from. This is something I’ve always struggled with. Once I open something, I often add it to my buttons stash, or ribbon stash, etc. and don’t remember the brand of the item. But, if you want to be on a design team, this can pose a problem.

One idea is to label things on the back as you open them so that if you do need to reference them in the future, you can do so. But, this can be time consuming. If it is your first time trying to make a design team, this might not be a realistic goal. But, it could be something that you keep in mind for the future as you buy more scrapbooking supplies.

However, if you are highly involved in the scrapbooking world, then you are most likely a member of or twopeasinabucket. Both of these websites are great for finding companies that are having open Design Team Member Calls. A call is basically like an open submission where you send photos of layouts that you have created.

There are some websites, however that do not require you to list every item that you have used in a layout. One website that is having a DT call right now is Scrappy Chic Cafe.

If you do have this as a goal of yours, the best ideas for making it work are:

*Get involved-Apply multiple times. Most places host DT calls every 6 months. Join the message board or forum on their site

*Get in the habit of noting the products you are using

*Invest in a better camera, or scanner to get better images of your work. If you can’t submit a high quality photo or scan an image you’ve created, then you most likely won’t be chosen for the team.

*Work on altered projects. Many design teams require that you also do altered projects in addition to layouts as part of their submission. Sometimes this can be a card, or some other crafty thing you’ve done around your house.

It isn’t all about talent. I have seen many people try to make a design team that are so talented, but they have been unsuccessful. Hopefully these tips will help you reach that goal!

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