Getting Ready for Spring in Your Scrapbooking

The official first day of Spring is in just three short days. And Easter is this upcoming weekend. It seems as if Winter just flew by, even with all the cold weather and snow and ice everyone has been getting. Since it still doesn’t feel too much like spring time around here, I thought I would get everyone in the mood for those terrific Spring photo opportunities and scrapbooking pages.

Spring Cleaning – Spring seems to bring everyone out of the cobwebs and caves and puts many in the mood to do some spring cleaning. But do not forget to also take the time to clean up your scrapbook room or area. Spend some time going through things and getting rid of what you don’t need anymore. Dust off your shelves, open the windows on a nicer day and get some fresh air in there. Now is a great time to do any remodeling or painting projects you might wish to do in there.

Garage Sale Season – In the past few years I have seen an abundance of garage sales where there are scrapbooking items for sale. Remember to add your own no longer needed items to your garage sale pile and get rid of them. Also, if you are an avid garage sale seeker, keep your eyes peeled for bargain and discount items that would work on your scrapbook layouts. Keep in mind also that even garage sales with no craft items often have old home improvement items that would work perfectly.

Spring Photo Ops – One of my favorite times of year to get good photographs of the kids is in the springtime. Get them out in the blooming flowers, take photographs of your own garden as the flowers are growing, take photographs of your first day outdoors, nature walks, etc. Spring is a time of renewal, so renew your effort to take great photographs and read your camera manual, experiment and get some great photo shots. Don’t forget to scrapbook the results.

I am so ready for Spring to arrive, I just hope the weather comes along with the date.

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