Getting Ready to Move

It’s distinctly possible that I have been studying too much lately and everything has become symbolic. Let me explain. As I looked around my home and the accumulation of 11 plus years, I realized the magnitude of the task ahead of me. As I go in for knee surgery today I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. So as I contemplated a schedule and the possibilities of me being able to actually keep to it, I began to see similitudes in many areas.

Introspectively, I see many corners of my mind, heart and spirit which could use a little spring cleaning and perhaps a yard sale to boot. Times when I reach for a romantic suspense novel instead of the scriptures; when I garden instead of writing, and thoughts of frustration and anger as I deal with different life situations. Somewhere, tightly protected, deep within the corners of my heart is a child of God struggling to break free of all that has accumulated around her. She longs to serve the Lord completely and irrevocably but finds herself distracted by bills, health, life . . . So I think it’s time for her, or rather me, to take the Swiffer to my soul.

I need more time in the sunshine and spring breezes, but I can certainly contemplate and pray during the process. I need more structure time in my study of the gospel rather than cramming it in when I am able. I need to regulate work to a steady number of hours a day and learn to say “no.” I need to throw myself wholeheartedly into my new ward instead of allowing myself to feel apart because the culture is so different from mine. I need to assign a weekly time to focus on genealogy because I miss it. I need to set aside a weekly time for temple attendance. I miss it. I need to turn my life over to the Lord, completely and without reservation. In trusting Him the burdens really do become lighter, the path clearer and my mind sharper. Why on earth did I ever let myself get so bogged down?