Getting Started on Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again, where scrapbookers are frantically trying to get their ducks in a row, so to speak. Traditionally those with any crafting talent at all enjoy creating gifts for their loved ones. Scrapbookers are the same way.

If you’ve created gifts before, you know how challenging it can be to come up with new and different ideas for the people on your list. Here are a few examples of some items you can create and give as loving, hand made gifts.

Box of Greeting Cards or Note Cards

Using your scrapbook supplies you can create beautiful masterpieces for the recipient to hand out to friends and family on special occasions. You can also use stamps, inks and embellishments to make note cards for the recipient to jot letters to friends and relatives. Maybe you’ll even get one back.

Mini Album

You can create a mini album out of paper bags, a small album or just several pieces of cardstock tied together with ribbon. Include photos of that person with someone special, or just pictures of grandchildren or family. Or create a loving tribute album to the gift recipient.


Don’t forget the obvious. Everyone needs a calendar each year to either keep track of appointments, or simply to hang in the kitchen to remind us of the date. Creating a calendar is a great gift idea. And it’s super easy and fun to do. You will need twelve photographs, enlarged to be the size of the calendar you are making. There are several commercial blank calendars available at scrapbook stores and online. We’ve enjoyed making calendars for friends and family, and this year I plan to do it again. EXCEPT we plan to STAGE the photographs. We’ll be taking photos of all the kids in various seasonal attire. For instance, our August photograph will be from our pool party. Our December photo will be our Christmas card photo with everyone in red and green. Use your imagination and you will come up with creative ideas. Hold a photo session and use props, backgrounds and clothing to convey that holiday! Most of all – have fun!

Any ideas on great gift ideas for others?

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