Giants of the Savanna at the Dallas Zoo

On October 1st the girls and I went to the Dallas Zoo with my mom’s group, MetroMoms. The trip to the zoo was a Stroller Safari through the Giants of the Savanna exhibit. After we walked through the exhibit we met back at picnic grounds so our children could decorate pumpkins and eat a pizza lunch.

We had so much fun. The weather was wonderful. The last time we went to the Zoo was for Stroller Safari and Egg Hunt and it rained. It was hot, humid, miserable, and wet then and to top it off I had a flat tire. I prepared for this outing by buying a rain cover for the double stroller that I ended up not needing.

Baby E rode in the double stroller without her car seat and handled it well. Jessie decided that she did not want to ride in the stroller because so many of her friends were walking and she wanted to walk too. At one point Jessie and two of her friends all held hands and walked along.

Jessie fed the giraffes. She threw more lettuce on the ground for the giraffes than she actually fed to them, but she did feed the giraffe lettuce. She got very upset with me when I was not willing to spend another five dollars for four more lettuce leaves when she fed only two to the giraffe.

Jessie chose a beautiful pumpkin to decorate. Instead of putting it on the table, we had to stop her from putting it in the trash. She did a nice job decorating it with stickers. She appropriated the stickers for herself later. She’s been carrying the pumpkin all over the house since. She tried to diaper it last night.

We had so much fun at the zoo that I may invest in a family membership.