Gift Album Tips and Ideas

Most Scrapbookers think about scrapbooking something as a gift idea for the holidays. Well, with Christmas just around the corner it is certainly time to get working on it. There are so many different things we can create with our scrapbooking supplies as gifts, from altered items to framed pages, gift albums and mini scrapbooks.

This year I think I might have gotten off easy. In past years, I have created albums for Christmas gifts, so now all that is left to do is create a page or two to add to their already created album. I did a year in review page where I displayed several photographs of each child and told of their accomplishments and activities. Creating 12×12 albums originally made it easy to only create the one two page spread having more space to work with.

On my list of things to do for gifts is to create one album. Unfortunately there was someone left off the list last year that deserved an album. So I have spent the past several weeks searching out the perfect album, size and picking just the right photographs to go on each page.

My advice to you if you decide to give a gift album is plan ahead. This is key to a successful end result. Use a paper or pen or type it up on your computer. Figure out how many pages the album comes with and whether or not you are going to expand the album or not. Then label a sheet of paper with the number of pages. For each number, write down what will go on that page. You can write the embellishments and papers you use, but just writing what type of page you are doing is great too. Mine looked like this:

1.Title Page with photo of kids at Wash park.

2.School Pictures (include name, age and grade)

3.School Pictures (include name, age and grade)

4.All About Ryan

5.All About Vanessa

And so on until you have something going on each and every page you plan to scrapbook. My end result will be 16 pages. I have the first five completed. Having the information in front of me allows me to see at a glance what I planned for each page. I also separated the photographs, page pieces and other embellishments that go on each page and slipped them into the page protector corresponding with that page.

More on this gift album and great tips for creating your own, coming soon.

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